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The “Good Morning” Text Is Lazy And it, So Are You if you Send

The “Good Morning” Text Is Lazy And it, So Are You if you Send

The great early morning text is the 2018 exact carbon copy of a Facebook poke: irritating and unnecessary.

My phone buzzes prior to my security rings. I groggily reach up to think of it, and it is a “good morning” text from a man I’m dating. I roll my eyes. The response that is only can think about is, “What? exactly What would you like? Finish your phrase.”

Call me a cynic, but I’m not a fan regarding the hello text. Among the list of deluge of e-mails, work texts, mother texts, closest friend texts, DMs, and Twitter notifications I get on a regular basis, the great early morning text hits me as unnecessary at the best and cloying at the worst. A guy merely acknowledging I need that it is a) morning and b) good is truly the last thing.

We recognize that We may be into the minority right right here. People on the net have traditionally heralded the morning that is good as pretty, sweet or emoji-heart-eye-worthy. Some ladies even believe that a person giving a hello text is evidence which he’s a keeper, evidence that “you’re his number 1 concern: the crucial thing you desire in a married relationship,” as one writer argued in a 2016 essay. In reality, in a (acutely scientific) Twitter poll We conducted, 53% regarding the 80 participants stated they enjoyed getting good morning texts. “It’s the idea that counts,” they contend, just because these thoughts are cheesy or disingenuous.

As a journalist whom often covers sex and dating, I highly think that the “good morning” text has to get. Dump it right in the trash, right along with “hey” (too boring), “hi” (too cautious), and “WYD” (too forward).