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He stated he does not want a relationship so just why is he acting like my boyfriend?

He stated he does not want a relationship so just why is he acting like my boyfriend?

Dear Wayne and Wanda,

There is this person i have been starting up with for a time now. At first he was told by me i desired more in which he would simply avoid it. The other time, I made a decision i mightn’t allow him avoid my emotions any more, and I also told him i desired to learn if he wanted a relationship beside me. I was told by him he had beenn’t prepared for or interested in a relationship when this occurs.

Well, that was 2 to 3 months as well as we now have nevertheless proceeded to own a real but relationship that is no-strings-attached. Him, he said if I wanted more, I should move on and we should end things, and stay friends when I asked for more from. Perhaps he should has been taken by me through to that, but rather we kept seeing him.

Things appear to have changed however. Now he remains inside my household at the least a couple of evenings per week. It really is just starting to feel just like a relationship and I also’m confused. I don’t suggest to obtain down seriously to details nevertheless the intercourse is becoming a lot more intimate in which he states items to me personally that sound loving and also possessive, suggesting he does not wish anybody else to be beside me, and vice versa. I do not understand how to proceed. I am afraid to express such a thing, because I do not wish things between us to get rid of. But i am afraid like that anymore if I don’t say anything he might not realize how much I still care and he might think I don’t want him.

Please assist me! I am conflicted. Does he really would like a relationship and it is afraid, or what is the offer?

Wanda states:

Often, dudes state whatever they think and request whatever they want. As a species, dudes are often too fundamental for game-playing, therefore literal that there is seldom much to read through involving the lines.