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The Drama that is towering inside Website That Measures Celebrity Heights

The Drama that is towering inside Website That Measures Celebrity Heights

The guy behind CelebHeights just isn’t right here which will make buddies.

Published on 22, 2015, at 5:20 p.m. ET september

CelebHeights owner Rob Paul with star Corey Feldman, whom claims to be 5’8″, but Rob pegs him at 5’5″.

In a recently available bout of the podcast Mystery Show, a listener asks host Starlee Kine to resolve an interestingly thorny melon-scratcher: exactly how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal? The premise of Kine’s show is always to resolve insignificant but interesting humdingers that can not be sussed out online. The listener had realized that within the movie Source Code, Jake often seemed sorts of quick, yet in other scenes, appears form of high. Interested, he googled “how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal,” which led him to Nonetheless, the entry for Jake on the website (that has charmingly retained its 2004 design) just increased the secret of their genuine height. Based on the remarks area:

One individual explained their concept in comparison to other celebs:

“we heard he is taller than Gordon Ramsey and certainly will Smith. Somewhat reduced than Hugh Jackman. Exact same height as Elle Macpherson in heels. 180cm is going of the question. 187cm for Jonathon Ross. 179 for Jake.”

Consumer Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP thought:

“Indeed Chris, this person is 178 range at most readily useful. Plainly sub 180.”

This remark ignited a] flame war that is[sic

“From the things I’m seeing Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP your one heck of a downgrader. and I also’m particular you have got a height complex.You will likely lie if we ask just how high are you,and don’t be concerned I do not also care.Why have always been we saying this being a bit rude? Possibly,lets think for a moment. possibly its because every solitary individual on this web site you lower his listed height by at the very least 1.5 inches.The undeniable fact that you said Jake was 175cm.