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Phone those dreaded and get if they’re a repair service

Phone those dreaded and get if they’re a repair service

or if they offer parts, or both. Question them they sell if they offer free advice with the parts. (periodically, shops that provide parts andservice will likely not like to provide you with advice.) Often, the components counter guys are ex-technicians who got sick and tired of the force of getting into individuals’ houses and offering a task. They may be your very best friends; nevertheless, you do not desire to badger all of them with TOO questions that are many so understand your tips before you begin asking concerns.

Some components homes may provide solution too. Be mindful! They might attempt to talk you away from also wanting to fix your personal washer. They’re going to let you know it is too complicated, then within the breath that is same “guide” you to definitely their solution division. Who will be you going to think, me or them? Only a few service/parts places are this way, nevertheless. That you can’t fix the problem, they may be a really good place to look for service if they genuinely try to help you fix it yourself and you find.

When you are in to the shop, have actually ready your make, model and number that is serial the nameplate for the washer.


The steel nameplate info is frequently present in one of many places shown in Figure 1-1:

A) Along the underside panel; on the left or right corner. B) Inside or under the lid. C) someplace from the back associated with the washer. D) top or side associated with console

If everything else fails, check out the papers that are original included your washer whenever it had been brand brand new. The model should be contained by them number SOMEWHERE.