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All You Need To Find Out About A Man Form Of Cougars

All You Need To Find Out About A Man Form Of Cougars

What exactly is a cougar? Well, ever since 40-something-year-old Demi Moore started dating then-20-something Ashton Kutcher in 2003, the word “cougar” has exploded in order to become probably the most reference that is popular and punchlines in popular tradition. Television shows like hopeless Housewives and Cougar Town, and movies like exactly just How Stella Got Her Groove as well as Something’s Got To Give have given an update that is positive the old cougar slang, which tended toward comical (Harold and Maude) and grotesque (Sunset Boulevard).

You might think about: think about the men? What’s the version that is male of? Throughout history the occurrence of this more youthful girl and method, means, means older guy happens to be accepted if you don’t back-slappingly admired. Where Demi ended up being fifteen years more than Ashton, her 54-year-old ex Bruce Willis married 30-year-old model Emma Heming and publicized the union with a racy nude picture spread in W Magazine.

After ending their wedding of 29 years, 54-year-old Mel Gibson debuted their 39-year-old gf, which can be an age that is relatively minor in terms of male celeb May-December romances. Meanwhile, back 2003 Cameron Diaz, then 30, attained the cougar label for dating just Justin that is 8-years-younger Timberlake.

Thirty-something ladies dating more youthful guys obtain the cougar-in-training label “Puma,” but guys within their thirties dating more youthful females? Nary a label around the corner, though people who date older women can be understood because of the cuddly moniker of “Cubs.”

Well, we say sufficient because of the double standard! Not just may be the tradition of males dating more youthful women more prevalent and sometimes more extreme in age distinction, a man set has not also been saddled by having a nickname.