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British son or daughter brides purchased in ‘package sales’ to men from Gulf states

British son or daughter brides purchased in ‘package sales’ to men from Gulf states


Within the very few cases whenever the young new brides managed to do escort her partners back to their property place, these were pushed into domestic servitude or erotic bondage, cops said.

About 30 men and women like agents, qazis, prospective bridegrooms from Oman and Qatar and lodge operators happened to be caught latest period and charged with personal trafficking and sex-related victimization of kids, stated police officials.

Through the crackdown, 14 babes, all under 18, had been recovered before they had already been hitched switched off. Around half the dealers caught had been ladies who has been targets from the criminal activity by themselves, authorities believed.

a€?Contract marriages found in this part of Hyderabad are occurring for years, but it has turned out to be a structured, worldwide trade (of women), regarding providers and qazis from various Indian destinations as well as the Gulf,a€? Satyanarayana stated.

Girls are easy to website & most marriages are carried out following celebration of Eid which agents claimed is a€?season timea€? whenever travelers through the Gulf check out Hyderabad – made up of hyperlinks to Gulf Arab claims dating back to ages.

Within the nineteenth hundred years guys from what’s currently Saudi Arabia and Oman were recruited as troops by way of the Nizam (ruler) of Hyderabad – after that a princely say in south Asia.