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Capital One bank card – need a PIN?

Capital One bank card – need a PIN?

When any one of you travelled through Scotland, did you need a PIN to utilize your Capital One charge card with a chip that is built-in? The Cap One site claims I have read so many threads on this forum and in Rick Steves’ own materials that say you do that it is not needed, but. I made the decision to inquire about travellers that are real might understand. Many Thanks!

Have not gone to Scotland, but somewhere else in European countries, my signature and chip card (no PIN) spent some time working completely well all over the place, also at numerous devices to purchase seats. (One exclusion: the admission machines to purchase train tickets into the Netherlands require a chip and PIN card. There are some other people.) You will need to sign when you make a purchase with a person involved, the terminal will print out two copies of the receipt, one of which. Some clerks could find this uncommon unless they’ve been accustomed working with tourists making acquisitions, but i have never ever had much trouble with it. (Sometimes i have to remind them that i must signal the slide – due to their advantage perhaps not mine!) They do is type in their PIN and not sign anything if you see a European make a purchase at the same place, all.

I additionally have actually a true chip and PIN bank card. It is good to own but really hardly ever needed. It, I’d just use cash in the rare times my chip and signature credit card wasn’t accepted if I didn’t have. One instance people find a chip and PIN card handy has reached unattended gas pumps in Europe that just accept bank cards. A US card without a PIN may well not work here, and that could be a problem if you’re away from gas at an odd hour without another section nearby!

Every where we went in Scotland, our chip card worked fine without a PIN so long as we had been utilizing a terminal handed to us by an individual.