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Just how to Load a prepaid credit card Having a Check Upload Check to prepaid credit card with A cellphone App

Just how to Load a prepaid credit card Having a Check Upload Check to prepaid credit card with A cellphone App

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Loading a prepaid credit card with a check could be costly, nonetheless it doesn’t need to be. Listed here are all of the techniques to load that check to your card–including three ways that don’t price something.

Most of us prefer to receive money, nevertheless when you’re handed a check you’ll need ways to spend your money actually. For prepaid debit card users, the problem becomes the method that you load the check up on the prepaid credit card. Ideally without one costing an supply and a leg.

The very good news is there are a variety of techniques to load a prepaid credit card with a check, including a few free or cheap choices.

Direct Deposit

For payroll, federal federal federal government advantage, and income income tax refund checks, you can easily prefer to skip checks entirely making use of direct deposit. Direct deposit is free on nearly all prepaid cards and may also allow you to access your funds as much as 2 days early in the day.

Direct deposit means getting the amount of money electronically as opposed to by paper check. Many workers are usually making use of it–82% and growing.

You’ll need certainly to offer your boss or advantage system along with your card’s number that is routing your private account quantity. You’ll find both figures in your card’s that is prepaid app on line. If you’re stuck, you may phone the quantity regarding the straight straight straight straight straight back of the card for support.

With a few cards, just like the Walmart MoneyCard or BBVA Compass ClearSpend Visa, you can use your prepaid card with no monthly fees if you set up direct deposit.

Upload Check to prepaid credit card having a cellphone App

Numerous prepaid card mobile apps permit you to upload your check to your prepaid credit card. Endorse the relative straight straight back of one’s check by signing it and composing “For Cellphone Deposit” payday loans cash advances Nebraska underneath your signature. Then log in to the application, go into the number of the check, and just take an image associated with the back and front of the check.

Cellphone check deposit may take time. Regarding the Netspend Visa prepaid credit card, processing a mobile check deposit may take as much as 10 times. If you like same-day processing, you’ll need certainly to spend a 1% to 4per cent charge. This can be pretty typical. Numerous prepaid cards, like Netspend, usage Ingo Money because of their mobile check deposit and the charges and timeframes are set by Ingo cash.

In the event that you frequently deposit checks and want access faster, consider bank sponsored cards just like the Chase Liquid prepaid credit card. Although bank-issued cards that are prepaid restricted to their solution area, they often plan always always always always check deposits faster. Chase fluid processes checks within two times.

Deposit to Your banking account and Transfer to Your prepaid credit card

Many prepaid credit card users likewise have a bank checking account and may also n’t need to deposit every one of a check up on their cards. Perfect. You’ll deposit checks to your money 100% free, either through direct deposit or even a deposit during the ATM or teller, and move cash from your own banking account to your prepaid credit card. It’s easy and free.

See A reload location

For a lot of prepaid debit cards, you can easily load checks at any reload location where you could load money on your prepaid credit card. There clearly was often a lot cost but spending one fee is preferable to getting struck by having a check cashing cost then a extra charge to load that money onto your prepaid credit card.

The Walmart MoneyCard supplies a cash that is free when making use of Walmart’s check cashing solution. Always always always Check cashing expenses $3 for checks under $1,000 or over to $6 for bigger checks.

Any card that is prepaid the Netspend system, like the Netspend Visa prepaid credit card, PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, and Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard, may use one of several 130,000 reload places in the united states to load money or checks. Reload charges are $2.00 – $4.95 but average around $3.95.

Ingo Cash App

If the card that is prepaid does provide mobile check deposit through a unique software, you’ll likely nevertheless be able to utilize the Ingo cash App to load a check on your prepaid credit card. Ingo Money can be utilized to finance many prepaid cards.

Aided by the Ingo cash App, you are able to deposit a check on your card that is prepaid for if you opt to have the money prepared within 10 times. It is possible to make use of this choice to purchase an Amazon present card.

If you’d like your cash faster, you will find charges included. To have your funds in moments, Ingo charges 2% for payroll and federal federal government checks and 5% for several other accepted checks, with a $5 minimal charge per check. In the event that you frequently use Ingo’s fast always check deposit, you are able to be an Ingo silver member with somewhat reduced costs. Deposit six or higher checks with quick processing in 3 months and charges are paid off to at least one% for payroll and federal government checks and 4% for several other checks. But costs continue to be at the least $5 per check.

Ingo’s rapid processing feature is high priced, particularly for tiny check sizes or individual checks. However if there is the time for you to await 10-day processing, this could be a low-cost load choice.

You will get the Ingo cash App on Android or iOS devices.

Money Your Check, Then Load Cash

People in the us spent an astounding $56 billion under control cashing solutions in 2015.

As soon as it comes down to loading your prepaid credit card by having a check, this can be (more often than not) the absolute most option that is expensive. You’ll be struck with charges twice. As soon as whenever you cash the check, and once more once you load the money on your card.

Numerous stores that are retail such as for instance Walmart, Kmart, food markets and gasoline stations will cash checks. But expenses may be $1 to ten dollars or higher, with regards to the shop size and location of this check. Check always cashing shops are a whole lot worse. Charges at check cashing shops are a portion regarding the check stability that may run around 12per cent (though 5%-7% is typical).

Once you’ve your hard earned money, you’ll need certainly to search well for a money reload location for the prepaid credit card. Costs at these areas can run as much as $4.95 per deal. And since a lot of these locations that are reload just just simply simply take checks, it’s likely better to simply get right here and miss out the check cashing cost.

Possibly the exception that is only the Walmart MoneyCard. The MoneyCard charges $3 for check cashing but waives the money reload cost for loading the money towards the card.


Skipping checks entirely and deciding on direct deposit in your prepaid credit card could be the quickest and cheapest method to get usage of your funds.

Prepaid credit card apps usually provide mobile check deposit to your prepaid credit card, but it will take time, while some bank-issued prepaid cards can cut the period significantly.

You can also visit your prepaid card’s reload locations to load funds from a check for a fee that can range from $2.00 to up to $4.95 per check if you don’t have direct deposit and don’t have time to waste.

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